Fabco Air

Fabco-Air located in Gainesville Florida manufactures a complete line of pneumatic products, i.e., air preparation (filters-regulators-lubricators), slides, grippers, rotary actuators, crimpers, valves, and a comprehensive line of air cylinders. Fabco’s founder designed the Original Pancake cylinder in 1958 and it is still a leader in the compact cylinder market. Approximately half of the cylinders manufactured by Fabco-Air are customized cylinders built precisely to customer specifications. Fabco-Air welcomes any opportunity to provide custom engineered products to meet the customers specialized needs.


Biomedic is a specialized manufacturer of components for use in industries where the control and use of vacuum is required. A large range of vacuum pumps and cups of various materials is available with the ability to provide customized solutions


KNOCKS offers you three comprehensive product series which, thanks to various manufacturing materials, make them suitable for a broad range of requirements. The Futura series features an innovative concept for the material it uses, Grivory GV-6H. It is more economical, offers a greater number of design options and weighs less. The Multi-Fix and Standard series are made of die-cast zinc or aluminium, thereby offering additional robustness thanks to influence from the outside.


Pisco is a Japanese manufacturer of pneumatic components for the automation industry. Well known for their fittings and tubing pisco also offers a range of products for vacuum applications as well as solenoid valves and air preparation products.


Alpha Technologies located in Franklin Tennesee is the American arm of Italian manufacturer Aignep. They offer a large spectrum of fittings and accessories for use in pneumatic and other fluid applications. Their patented swift-fit thread with the ability to seal in many different forms of pipe thread presents a solution for those applications where there is a mix of imperial & metric products.


Vesta is an Italian manufacturer of products used in the automation industry. Vesta offers a large selection of valves, actuators and accessories including an electric drive actuator and ISO spec. valves


Koganei Corporation headquartered in Tokyo Japan is a world leader in the manufacture of products used in the pneumatic, hydraulic and process automation industries. Koganei also offers extensive expertise in devices for the control of Electrostatic Discharge and Electric Actuators.


Airtac International group is a manufacturer of Pneumatic valves, Actuators, Process Valves and Air Prep Products. Headquarters in Ningbo China and additional factories are located in Guandong& Taipei. Airtac produces a wide selection of products for use in many industries.


Humphrey Products located in Kalamazoo Michigan is recognized as a world leading producer of pneumatic products. With over 100 years in the manufacturing industry Humphrey offers a wide selection of standard product and customized solutions to a diverse range of industries and applications.