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Koganei Actuators offers a large variety of linear and rotary actuators for use in many industries.  Linear actuators are available in single and double acting guided and unguided models.   Unguided models include the tiny Mini Bit and Pen Cylinders,  short stroke compact cylinders are covered by the C series, and  Jig cylinders and Slim cylinders are a round body cylinder ranging from 20mm to 63mm bore.  Koganei’s lineup of rodless cylinders include both magnetically coupled and bank type cylinders with many levels of guiding and load carrying capabilities. 
Koganei offers a large selection of Air hands combined with the unique SDA actuator which features linear and rotary motion in an integral package.  There are many possibilities for pick and place and part orientation applications.  Several of the Koganei actuators are available in  low speed, low friction version.   A complete range of actuators with bearing guides from as small as 4.5mm bore in the Mini Guide Slider right up to the heavy load capability table type slide tables covers most needs for rigid precise actuators.