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The TAC Air Pilot Operators work with TAC, TAC² and TAC³ push-button valves and the Model ESB Electric Switch to convert them to air pilot operation.  They are available in two pipe port sizes: (34) #10-32 UNF and (341) 1/8 NPT. The operators thread directly onto the collars of the push-button valves and the Model ESB Electric Switch. The four different types of operators allow great flexibility of application for the TAC Valves family.

 34A or 341A Air Pilot operators are used for simple air pilot requirements. Model 341A has greater effective area to amplify weak pilot signals.

34AS or 341AS Air Pilot with Snap Action operators are used for time-delay circuits and other slow-building pilot pressure applications.

34AR or 341AR Air Pilot with Reset operators is used to convert maintained air pilot signals to momentary actuation.

34ASR or 341ASR Air Pilot with Snap Action and Reset are used for combined function of snap action 34/341AS then reset function of 34/341AR.