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The new 2 way and 3 way MINI-MIZER valve was designed to accommodate a wide range of pneumatic applications that require high cycling, small flow, and low wattage type valving.  The valve is ideal for battery operation, micro-processor controlled and printed circuit board type applications.
The new MINI-MIZER provides enhanced performance, interchangeability with the old series Mizer, a wide offering of coil voltages, and power consumption as low as 0.5 watt.  Increased coil forces provide consistent actuation.  The one piece construction and metal coil frame makes the MINI-MIZER a more sturdy and durable product.
The enhanced MINI-MIZER design is very adaptable to customer specific applications  This new robust design allows the MINI-MIZER to function in a wider temperature range (-40 to +150 F).  Humphrey has the ability to provide product modifications such as different media, wattage, orifice sizes, pressures and temperatures.  The captured seal construction allows for easy design of customer manifolds.  Please consult the factory for custom modifications, B3E1, B3E1BOU, B3E1PCM, MB3E1, MB3E1MTL, MZ1, 8-5A, 8-65A, DMZ1, 31-663A, 31-662A, 3E1, 3E1-BOU, 3E1-PCM, 3E1-ADP, 3E1-TSD, M3E1, M3E1-MTL.